Simplify and add lightness


Hello wonderful soul,

„Try to be like the turtle – at ease in your own shell.“ – Bill Copeland

This week is all about finding my ease and lightness back. I tend to slip a filter, which was created by myself, over each situation, comment or look. This filter we put over each situation was created by our own experiences or doubts. So this week is about finding simplicity, ease and lightness. Accept a situation, reflect how you slip your filter over it and then come back to your lightness. It is a choice in life and that is the good thing about it. If you choose to put the filter over each situation you will not see the simplicty in some actions or comments. You just see people attacking you or judging. But if you reflect the situation you will see life will get so much easier.

„Simplify and add lightness“ – Colin Chapman

It is not just all about to hop or jump through life and be happy and joyful in every moment. It is more about finding what stops you from growing, and embracing yourself. It is crazy how much the inner dialouge runs all day long and won’t stop for a second. Self-critically and also self-judgemental. You start lacking qualities of compassion, love and also care. You stop listeinging carefully to the other person because of your own issues which you put over every situation. It is selfish all the way! This doesn’t serve you.

Or how often do you find yourself in the situation „Oh I am such an idiot, I should know how it works / I should know how to do it!“ This doesn’t serve you at all. Start replacing this thought through a positive one like „I am still learning and it is still a process“.

I am still in the process to get myself in a morning routine. I am learning to start my day with ease and gratitude. I want more quality in life. So here are my three tipps, I am also still trying to internalize 🙂 22384846_10213431809896878_219231054_n



First: Meditation in the morning!

Really great apps for learning to meditate are Headspace and Calm – I started with headspace because it is just 3 minutes every morning and now I am stuck with Calm because I love the 12 minutes relieving anxiety and lower stress, and I am a big fan of the walking meditations.

Second: Gratitude

I started waking up and think about 5 things I am thankful this morning. And it helps so much. Because when you are grateful you start from another point of view and stop complaining about things which are more then useless anyway.

Third: Accept your weakness

When you know and accept your weaknesses, you’ll stop lying to yourself and start focusing more on yourself. You will start accepting, reflecting and working on your greater self.  “ Tired, disappointed, and a little embarrassed that I couldn’t keep up with a turtle, I turned back toward the beach and snorkeled to shore….“ remember the sea turtle story?  Maybe you’ll get my point. Why running after something we can’t keep up if we can focus on the strengths and grow.


I know very deep sh*** for a monday afternoon 🙂 Let me know what you think!







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