What’s your passion?


Hi beautiful soul,

Just a shorty on this Tuesday afternoon:

I was at a wedding yesterday and had a very strange conversation with someone from New York. It was a wonderful evening and we were having dinner and of course you start conversations with the one sitting next to you. And he started the conversation with: „Hi, can I ask you something? What is you passion in life?“ It hit me right away and the first thing in my mind was:“ Why should I tell a stranger about what I really love and what I am passionate about?“ So I started telling him about my job and about the traveling. He looked at me after my monologue and asked: „So your job is your passion?“ That was the moment I looked at him smiled and changed the topic. I really wasn’t open enough, telling him what I really love.

What would you tell a stranger, if you would be in my position?


If you give yourself some time to see your life right now. What would you see? My life was always like this: In school I was always working hard to get into university, feeling stressed in every situation. In university I was working my a** off to get a good job. Stressed, always under too much pressure. After university I started my first job and had not really any private life anymore. I came home, ate very late, watched TV and went to bed. Normal for most of us.

But have you ever seen it from this perspective: We work, we go home and wait till we go to bed and go back to work on the next day. That’s not really a life we want to talk about when we are old, right? So I am asking you: What is your passion?




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