Preggo Update: SSW 23


Hey my loves,


How far: I am in week 23, so first days of 6 months preggo

Gender: Little Lion Boy

Big changes so far: Skinny jeans maternity style, that was the first thing I bought. and at the beginning when just closest friends and of course family knew it was no visible change and I was super happy to have those jeans.

My wardrobe/ office room in our flat turns slowly into a nursery room.

Body – Yep super happy (not) about the amount of water in my body. And super nice to be back in puberty 🙂

Eating: A big change was just in the first trimester. Wanted to eat a lot of sishes from my childhood. And I craved crabs a lot. I didn’t felt sick but always tired and my body wanted the energy from carbs. I couldn’t eat veggies and yoghurt (made me feel sick – yep super duper when you are veggie). And I craved fish a lot. Now I am back on track with a bit more healthy food, and start feeling like myself again. I always said when I crave meat I will eat some for the baby but till now, I am fine without! Clean Eating is the rule for the next months!

Workout: It is the first week I am back on track. I missed working out and also I am starting to get a yoga routine again with the best teacher in the world Ana. It just makes me feel good about my self. Or I am doing a nice wokout at home. I found such a great prenatal yoga video online which I can do when I am away as well. Also I am trying to walk more. Thank god we have a dog 🙂

Crazy Moment: I felt the first time the baby kicking when I put my hand on the belly. I am so excited when my partner in crime will feel it too and we can share this moment.

Evening Routine: This definitely changed. I started right after I knew I am preggo with using oil to aviod strech marks. I am using right now WELEDA. Also I need to use more Body Creme and Oil because the skin is quite dry. Not sure if this comes from the pregnancy or the weather 🙂 Also the face looks quite tired the whole time and I am using really good Eye patches and sometimes Serum.


This is the first time I write about this topic and I would love to know what you are interested in or what your opinion is about this post 🙂
I am happy about every Feedback!!




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