Why Perfection is so boring


Hi crazy soul,

How is your week going? Did you give yourself sometime to to refelct your mood today? Did you went crazy and were in a bad mood? Now here is something I want to share with you:
A quote from  Paolo Coelho, a lyricist and novelist. He is best  known for his widely translated novel The Alchemist  from Brazil.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – The Alchemist

I know this quote sounds like every other motivational quote for you right now. But let’s take a minute here and think about your life in 50 years? Let’s say it is 2070/2080 and you think about your life, what would be the top five you would reget the most? Were you brave enough, maybe you worked too much and didn’t  spent enough time with the ones you love or did you show your surrounding your real feelings (not what society expected you to be)?

Breathe. Think.



50 years so much time left, so how to „live full and die empty“ ?

It is not about being happy the whole time, have a smiley face the whole day, tell everyone how great life is. It is about understand your feelings and most important thing is stop waiting or try to be perfect. Perfection is just another word for stagnation. When you try to be perfect, let’s say perfect body shape, perfect in your job, perfect look, perfect in a foreign languages and so on. You work hard to get to the boring part of live.

Here is what i learned recently:

If you want to be perfect you walk the whole time again and again the same trial. You will get to a point where you will walk in your own footprints. Hoping to be better then the last time, hoping to be thinner then the last time or hoping to be smarter…But what you don’t see, is that this is just a waset of time. If you want to achieve something just jump! Just start! And step by step you will find your way…..remember: “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

Still want to be perfect? No – super boring!





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